About us

Azonic Solutions commenced business in April 2000 and is now in its 15th year. We have continued to grow and provide profit throughout the company’s life.

Azonic Solutions continues to expand its customer base providing subcontract solutions as a single source supply for big name end users. Design and manufacture of products such as temperature monitoring systems for temperature controlled environments for mobile food distribution carriers. Specialist equipment design, build and test such as a range of controllers for autoclave systems. Field systems for sugar content in vegetables. Virus collection, monitoring and measurement equipment. Audio products, computer controllers and special purpose embedded PIC products provide for a very flexible and dynamic portfolio of knowledge. We do not have ‘sales reps’, all our customer base has been introduced via word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Continual Improvement is a key activity and Azonic Solutions has invested into electronic assembly processes such as Flow/wave soldering, Surface Mount technology, Re-flow oven, Automatic cropping, component lead shaping, PROM programming plus other items. The most recent acquisition is a flow solder machine specifically purchased to enable Azonic to meet the demands of RoSH that becomes a mandatory requirement during 2006. Thus we can offer traditional lead based services, for service of older products, and lead free solutions in line with European Directives for the protection of the environment. You specify what you need.

Our turnover is still relatively small, but continues to grow with the methods used being a mix of conventional hand soldering, Flow/wave soldering and surface mount technology, providing both lead based and lead-free soldering. Our service can provide sub-modules or complete products. Electronic assembly/build AND mechanical assembly/build using customer supplied components OR we can take on whole projects including component/parts purchase including metal-work/front panels etc

Our niche is flexibility providing prototype manufacture and production build from small (one off) through to medium production batches (1000’s). Using your freehand sketches or full compliment of engineering drawings we work with you.

The prime objective of Azonic Solutions is 'Customer Satisfaction' throughout everything we do, at a price that gives the customer value for money whilst supplying a very high quality service/product.